On September 3rd, 2020, wristwidget.com posted a blog article comparing the Bullseye Brace® Wrist Band vs. WristWidget®.  In response, we’d like to provide our own comparison.

While both the Bullseye Wrist Band and WristWidget are designed to treat TFCC tears, there are many differences worth noting.  We’ve illustrated the differences below:

Construction & Materials

The WristWidget, per the product website, is a “nylon cotton mix, hook and loop – that’s it.”  The product is two pieces of a hook and loop fastener (velcro strap) pressed together.  The nylon loop side lays against your skin.  The edges are unfinished.

The Bullseye Wrist Band is comprised of many components:

  • Durable, soft fabric that lays against your skin
  • Breathable spacer fabric that wicks perspiration away
  • Finished “stitch and turn” edges for comfort and durability
  • Injection-molded soft silicone ring
  • D-ring to make strap adjustment easy and long-lasting

Neither product is elastic nor made with natural rubber latex.

Hook & Loop Strapping

There are many types and qualities of hook & loop fasteners now available on the market.  The molded hook and knitted nylon loop used in the WristWidget has a limited cycle life (the ability for the loop and hook to stick as well as it used to after many uses).  The lack of a finished edge could make this uncomfortable to wear.   According to one reviewer on the wristwidget website (posted Sept 25, 2020), “Works well but the edges are sharp and cause irritation and small cuts.”

The Bullseye Wrist Band selection of a woven hook and woven loop fastener means a much longer cycle life and its 1” width strap provides ample area for engagement.


The WristWidget uses a rectangular window running distal and proximal to the ulnar head for compression.

WristWidget rectangular window

The Bullseye Wrist Band has a unique soft silicone ring that provides 360° stabilizing support all around the ulnar head without compression over the top of it.

Bullseye Brace Wrist Band

Donning & Adjustment

On the WristWidget, feeding two narrow straps through the slit openings can result in snagging, but it does allow the patient to microadjust the tension in them independently. Because the WristWidget does not have any plastic reinforcement in the slit openings, the slits are more likely to become weaker and stretched out over time.

On The Bullseye Wrist Band, the use of a D-ring allows for  the strap to be cinched over and over without stretching, making the brace much more durable.  It is also easy to feed a single strap through the D-Ring and microadjust the tension as necessary.

Sizes and Colors

The WristWidget’s “One size fits all” product can be ordered in one of two widths (narrow 3/8” or wide 1/2″ strap widths) and is available in four colors (tan, blue, red or black).

WristWidget Sizing

The Bullseye Wrist Band is a black band with a silver-grey silicone ring.  It is available in five sizes, varying in length based on the patient’s wrist circumference and ulnar head prominence.  Our sizing guide is shown below.

Both products can be worn on either the left or right wrist.


According to WristWidget’s website, the product “is made to last for the entire length of your recovery which can be up to 4 months.”

The Bullseye Wrist Band was designed for long term use for those who have ongoing wrist pain or repetitive use injuries. Some customers report using their Bullseye Wrist Band for more than two years.


We believe the Bullseye Wrist Band is more comfortable, more durable, more stylish, and most importantly, more effective at relieving pain due to TFCC injuries over other products on the market.  Regardless of which product you purchase, our goal is for you to receive effective relief from your ulnar-sided wrist pain.

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