While there are many possible causes of hand or wrist pain, sometimes the pain can get better with the below wrist pain home remedies.

Wrist Pain

Perform Gentle Stretching Exercises

  • Rotating the wrists counter-clockwise and then clockwise
  • Open the hands as widely as possible, spread the fingers apart, then close the hands into a tight fist
  • With your palm facing down, use one hand to gently “push” the fingers of the other hand back towards your chest for a gentle wrist stretch
  • Repeat each of the above, up to ten times each

RICE Therapy

  • Rest. Avoid using the affected hand as much as possible
  • Ice. Apply an ice or cold pack to the injured hand for 20 minutes several times per day
  • Compression. Wrap the area in a soft bandage, splint, or brace (such as the Bullseye Wrist Band)
  • Elevation. Use a sling to keep the affected hand raised above your heart

Other Wrist Pain Home Remedies

  • Massage. Massage the painful area and surrounding muscles
  • Heat. Consider alternating between heat and cold packs, 20 minutes for each
  • OTC medications. Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen

For severe, persistent, or reoccurring pain in the hands or wrist, please consult with a doctor

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